thank you

Are we really showing others we care?

Are really showing others we care?

Are we doing everything we can do to show others that we care?

One of the most wonderful things you can ever do for someone else is care! Do we always show them that we care though or do we sometimes pay more attention to the TV, video game, person we’re texting or calling or even just reading the paper?


There is not a statement truer that so many seem to forget so often. There are many words and phrases we should use more often in our lives. Words and phrase that improve our lives and the lives of others around us like – Love, Hope, Thank you, etc.

However, there is one word that might surprise you, we should completely remove from our vocabulary. What is it?

I need your help with this…

I have a plan, but in order for it to work, I need your help!

Now, I’m being honest and straightforward with you from the very start here. When I say help, I mean actual help, not the kind of help where people say “Great idea! Let’s do it!” and then move on with their life while leaving it behind and never actually do a thing. So, if you’re really willing to help, read on.

Here’s my plan…