I need your help with this…












I have a plan, but in order for it to work, I need your help!

Now, I’m being honest and straightforward with you from the very start here. When I say help, I mean actual help, not the kind of help where people say “Great idea! Let’s do it!” and then move on with their life while leaving it behind and never actually do a thing. So, if you’re really willing to help, read on.

Here’s my plan…

One time a week (To be honest, once you see the results, you’ll probably do it more than that, but…) do something nice or unexpected for someone other than a family member or close friend. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to know them. It might be as simple as a smile or nod as you pass someone on the street or in the hallway, a conversation we might not normally have, taking 15 or 20 minutes and dropping by the hospital or nursing home and saying thanks to some of the nurses and staff, dropping doughnuts or pizza off at the fire station or police station, taking some flowers by an elderly neighbor’s house just because, etc. I could go on and on with my different suggestions, but I’m sure you have ideas too! AS A MATTER OF FACT, THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO ASK YOU TO LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS SO OTHERS COULD SEE THEM TOO!
(I’d love to say this is all about helping others but it does a lot for us too!)

If you choose to join me in this, I should tell you right now, your life will be changed for the better!
Imagine it this way…

If you impact one person positively this week, then they impact one person, and that person does the same… a chain has been started that will bring a smile to the hearts and souls of who knows how many others. Once we start this chain, it has a life of its own! (And that’s a good thing! No… that’s a GREAT thing!) But for it to start, you must start it!

So how can you help? Simply find a way to share something positive with someone else. (Not as hard as you thought it was going to be, was it?)

So again, I’ll say, I need your help.

If you would, just start right now by simply closing your eyes for a moment, thinking of something or someone you love and smile.

Thank you.

My part of the chain just started, now it’s up to you…