2 of Life’s Biggest Villains

Two of the biggest villains we’ll ever have in life are the Calendars and Clocks that constantly pull at us to notice them. The problem with that is that they force us to choose noticing them or noticing life!   It’s fine to make plans and to know the time of day but it’s not ok to be so obsessed about schedules that we forget to live the life going on around us. It’s not alright to fool ourselves into believing that we have any control over time. We don’t! As a matter of fact, time is the only commodity that we have no control over at all. We never know how much time we have left. We can’t get more time and we aren’t able to slow time down or speed it up.   What we can do is appreciate time. We can use each of the instants time presents to us. We can use the gifts that time has given to us as building blocks to build our life.   The only way to turn these villains into gifts is for us to appreciate time, to use it, be grateful for it, realize that procrastination is allowing the villain to win. Most importantly though, we must share the time we have left! Yes, share it with those we love and care about and those we meet along the way. Once we begin doing that, time reveals itself as one of the greatest gifts this existence will ever give us.   Peace Gregg

Dial up your appreciation!

“Dial up my appreciation?”


Especially this time of the year everyone is telling us we need to appreciate this or we need to appreciate that. Well, truth be told, we probably do need to appreciate more, but our appreciation isn’t something that we can just turn on or off or dial up on command.

“Wait, I thought you started this blog by saying that we needed to “Dial up our Appreciation?” I did, so take a breath and read on…

Too often we forget that it feels good to feel good!

Too often we forget that it feels good to feel good! Man, does that sound like a stupid thing to say…or is it?

It seems whenever something goes wrong in our life, we completely throw ourselves into the feelings of anger, sadness, frustrations, etc. We carry these feelings with us long after the problem has passed. We remember them and hold them as we move forward. We tell others about the problem and time after time after time, recount and replay it!

Yet, when the good things happen in life, we smile about them, laugh, enjoy them at the time. Then we move on. There is no long-term throwing ourselves into the feelings of gratitude or thankfulness or joy.