FOCUS doesn’t just happen with your eyes!

      Focus is a word we take much too lightly! It’s what we focus on in life that moves us in a particular direction. If there is a problem, past or present, we need to focus on that problem or challenge, not the challenge or imagined “what if’s” that are surrounding it. Next, focus on what you can learn from that problem. That sounds kind of strange doesn’t it? Well unless we understand what the problem is, we’ll never be able to move past it! Shift your focus for a moment past that problem and actually feel how satisfying and wonderful it will feel once you succeed and get past it! Ask questions of yourself and of others and focus on their answers so you can learn. (When you focus and ask questions, you grow wiser.) Just like we need contact with other humans, we also need private time. Give yourself the gift of time so you can focus on what is important in your life, even if it’s 2 or 3 minutes. Focusing on relaxation is something you deserve!!! Don’t ever let others or yourself make you feel bad for allowing yourself the time to build a better you. Finally, human beings come “pre-wired” to be happy, it’s how we’re born. During our lives, we find every way possible to be negative but under it all, gratitude, & happiness is there waiting whenever we’re done ignoring them. This is where our focus needs to continually be trained on. Focusing on the positives, no matter how big or small will lead you to a direction that holds more positives and more successes. Peace Gregg


    We all hear the phrase Pay It Forward and think to ourselves what a great concept it is! And……then we move on with our life and somewhere in all of the noise, Pay It Forward gets lost. Well, today you and I are gonna give it another shot! Here’s all you have to do. Find a way to help someone, somewhere in your life. Might be big or small, expensive or not. Give an unexpected positive jolt to someone and improve their lives and yours too.  Now, contact a friend or a loved one and challenge them to do a small act of compassion for someone. Once they complete the challenge, ask them to challenge one of their friends or loved ones. With these simple and easy steps you might be the beginning of a movement that helps more people than you could ever imagine and all you need to do is help someone else, for “no reason at all!” Peace…   Gregg    


There is not a statement truer that so many seem to forget so often. There are many words and phrases we should use more often in our lives. Words and phrase that improve our lives and the lives of others around us like – Love, Hope, Thank you, etc.

However, there is one word that might surprise you, we should completely remove from our vocabulary. What is it?