It’s Time To Be That One Person Who…

There are times in our lives when we need to step up and be that one person who can…(fill in the blank here). That one person in the arena who not only knows that they must do something, but then they step up and do it! That might be in a place where many others will see your unselfish act or a place where the solitude comes only from a single whisper is heard from inside your soul.

—That one person who decides to step up with a hug for someone when no one else does because it’s the right thing to do. 

—Who steps up to be that one person to help someone in a life-altering moment. 

—Who steps up to be that one person they were meant to be, with a group, a complete stranger, a family member or maybe they step up to be that one and only person who, it turns out, can help themselves the most.

There are some people who go through their entire lives without ever stepping up. Not you. You are different than others (Just the fact that you’re here reading and/or listening to this proves that!) and if you don’t already believe that about yourself, just know that I do. I believe in you. Those around you believe in you. Those you have stepped up for in the past believe in you. It’s not enough for you to simply be that person who can, now is your time to be ready to be that one person who steps up and does! To be the one who only looks down on someone as you’re bending down to help them up!

Be aware of who you are, be proud of who you are and what you think you can do. Then, be amazed as you watch yourself absolutely blow past all of those limitations you thought were there.