Wait…Music has words too?

Music is such an important part of our lives. Even if we can’t “carry a tune” or play an instrument, music truly can “soothe the savage beast.”

During the Holiday Season, you can’t go anywhere without hearing a familiar song in stores, friends’ homes, church, in the car or family gatherings. If you’re like me, I’ll bet you’ve even caught yourself from time to time singing along, even if only in secret.

We’ve heard our favorite songs, both Holiday, popular or even religious, so often that the words almost automatically pop into our minds. We “think along” or sing along with them “naturally.”


Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays

Here we are once more! That time of the year we’ve all come to know and expect every year. No, not the one of Peace, Love, and Goodwill part. I’m talking about the one where we seem to forget the “Good Tidings” part.

Every year, I hear person after person talking about how offended they are whenever people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

(Here are my thoughts, just my thoughts and you might or might not agree on this highly-charged topic, but here goes…)

Dial up your appreciation!

“Dial up my appreciation?”


Especially this time of the year everyone is telling us we need to appreciate this or we need to appreciate that. Well, truth be told, we probably do need to appreciate more, but our appreciation isn’t something that we can just turn on or off or dial up on command.

“Wait, I thought you started this blog by saying that we needed to “Dial up our Appreciation?” I did, so take a breath and read on…