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Gregg Masters is an inspirational author, thinker and speaker who's daily thoughts, blog and more are known as "A Common Man's Wisdom." Gregg's professional life, whether in Radio, Television or any of his other jobs, allowed him to travel and explore both places and people of all kinds. Ironically, it wasn't these experiences that had the biggest impact on him. In 2008, Gregg suffered a disabling back injury. During this time, Gregg was presented with the option to look at life with anger and cynicism over his injury and pain or to look for the opportunities it might present. He chose the latter. After looking within himself and as he says "Seeing what I was made of, and what made me tick," Gregg began sharing some of his thoughts. First on Facebook, Twitter and with others he was speaking to. As Gregg's thoughts, insights, and understanding continued to grow so did his social media presence. Soon, he began collecting his thoughts, ideas, affirmations and meditations in a series of books titled "A Common Man's Wisdom."

The One and Many ❤️‘S

From the time we’re born we hear about our heart. We put our hand over it during the pledge of allegiance, we feel it pounding when we are frightened, we “give” it to someone as a token of our love, we cry over it when it gets “broken” but behind all of that, we know that our beating heart is what keeps us going. Each day we take for granted the thousands of times out heart beats just so we can exist. As long as that happens, whether we think of it or not, we exist.

What we don’t realize enough is that our heart is only part of our existence. As we crawl, walk, run, sit, sleep, laugh, cry and race through life our existence is fueled not only by our heart but also by the persistent beating of hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of other hearts that are “propping” us up. They might be family or friends. They might be neighbors or acquaintances or they might be people that we just meet once or maybe, just maybe, never meet at all.