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Gregg Masters is an inspirational author, thinker and speaker who's daily thoughts, blog and more are known as "A Common Man's Wisdom." Gregg's professional life, whether in Radio, Television or any of his other jobs, allowed him to travel and explore both places and people of all kinds. Ironically, it wasn't these experiences that had the biggest impact on him. In 2008, Gregg suffered a disabling back injury. During this time, Gregg was presented with the option to look at life with anger and cynicism over his injury and pain or to look for the opportunities it might present. He chose the latter. After looking within himself and as he says "Seeing what I was made of, and what made me tick," Gregg began sharing some of his thoughts. First on Facebook, Twitter and with others he was speaking to. As Gregg's thoughts, insights, and understanding continued to grow so did his social media presence. Soon, he began collecting his thoughts, ideas, affirmations and meditations in a series of books titled "A Common Man's Wisdom."

Doing Your Best is NOT a COP-OUT!!!


Everyday I physically write this out…

“Today, I will do my best, to do my best!”

…and then I sign it. Sometimes I keep it in sight, sometimes I fold it up and toss it. Every single day though, I write that phrase out.


Because it makes sense!

Because it focuses me on remember what I can do as opposed to what I want to do!

Because it helps me!

Simply be you! Being as much of you as you can be, is all you can ever ask of yourself and all you’ll ever need to ask of yourself!

Just do your best! That’s all we’d expect of our kids or our neighbors and friends but we somehow hold ourselves to another standard. Another word for that elevated standard is “UNREALISTIC.” Anyone, including yourself who expects you to do more than possible, isn’t basing their expectations on reality.



When you accomplish this, you’ve made a wonderful change words a more positive life.

SUICIDE SUCKS!!! (For the Living and the Dead)

Suicide Sucks!!!

This day saw another friend decide to end their life by way of suicide. It sucks!

In his mind, his pain was too great to bear. That sucks! In our lives we all have decisions where things get so bad or so uncomfortable that we feel the need to make a move, right? Well, that’s exactly what he did. The only difference is that his move, was his last.



Most of us watch games of various sports and because of that, most of us also have, shall we say, a difference of opinion with the officials and rules from time to time. I have a guaranteed solution to all of our problems…


And here they are…