We all hear the phrase Pay It Forward and think to ourselves what a great concept it is! And……then we move on with our life and somewhere in all of the noise, Pay It Forward gets lost. Well, today you and I are gonna give it another shot! Here’s all you have to do. Find a way to help someone, somewhere in your life. Might be big or small, expensive or not. Give an unexpected positive jolt to someone and improve their lives and yours too.  Now, contact a friend or a loved one and challenge them to do a small act of compassion for someone. Once they complete the challenge, ask them to challenge one of their friends or loved ones. With these simple and easy steps you might be the beginning of a movement that helps more people than you could ever imagine and all you need to do is help someone else, for “no reason at all!” Peace…   Gregg    

I need your help with this…

I have a plan, but in order for it to work, I need your help!

Now, I’m being honest and straightforward with you from the very start here. When I say help, I mean actual help, not the kind of help where people say “Great idea! Let’s do it!” and then move on with their life while leaving it behind and never actually do a thing. So, if you’re really willing to help, read on.

Here’s my plan…