From Gregg’s son Mason,

Today, I have the hard task of letting you know Gregg has passed away over the holidays. This is an immense blow to our family, and I am sure it will also be to you. My father was so many things to so many people, but to me, he was first and foremost a wonderful man. He tried his utmost to fill people’s lives with joy, even when struggling himself. He always seemed to have time for someone in need. Cherish those memories you are blessed to have of him in your hearts. He will continue to live on in those of us who were lucky enough to feel his love. And he will live on in others with each act of kindness and joy we share with the world. If you are looking to celebrate my dad’s memory with an act of service, I would ask that you make a donation to Boston Children’s Hospital, a place very near and dear to my dad’s heart. You can find a link for donations in his obituary. Donate to Boston Children’s Hospital – Gregg’s Obituary –

THIS IS NOT another of those Right vs Left Trump Indictments columns

I promise this isn’t just another one of those rants and raves from the far right or the far left. Given the subject matter, how can I avoid that?  Because I’m not talking about the cause of it, I’m talking about the result of it. If we take a step back and look at what this partisan divide, Pro-Trump vs Anti-Trump period in our history has done, not just to the country, but to each of us, it’s not only amazing, but devastatingly sad. I’ve lost friends as I’ve seen them disappear over the edge of one or the other side. Sadly, maybe you have too. Once there, there is no compromise or learning or admonition of wrong ideas or conclusions, whether correct or not. You’re either with us or you’re the enemy. Ugh… At that point, a conversation simply isn’t possible because they think, no check that, they knowthat they are right, and no display of facts matter or can persuade them! I’ll say that again, NO DISPLAY OF FACTS MATTER! I’m not naïve enough to believe that deep divisions weren’t prevalent in our country before all of this. But, I never believed that I would see the day when one side, or the other would simply not believe in the facts. My whole life, and yours, too, has been brought up around facts. From our earliest learning, facts have been there taking us from point to point in our lives. 2+2 = 4. Right? So how is it that almost half of us now believe 2+2=37 because that’s what I want it to be!?! The fantasy land of “It is so, because I want it to be so” is taking over an alarming percentage of folks in the land of the Red, White and Blue. The difference between “They didn’t win the election because I don’t want them to win” or “He is bad because I don’t like him,” is a distance that is so great, i wouldn’t begin to know how to measure it. In one way or another we have all been touched by this divide. We see it in our business and the businesses we visit. We see it with our friends and their thoughts and ideas. We see it within our own families be-they close or extended. Sadly, we see it so much… that in some cases we don’t even see it anymore. By not seeing it and not seeing them, we ignore that part of life and just move on. That is a very bad thing. As I was writing this, I just wrote that this must change, but erased it because I’m not sure if it can! I’m not sure that it will! If we canturn it around, it must be a “ground up” change. Any change must start with us, you and me. That’s the only answer. The question of will it change, well that’s much more concerning. The trouble with living within a fantasy is that it gets very comfortable, very quickly. So comfortable, that it becomes more and more and more difficult to one day step […]

P a i n

Pain is something that in one degree or another, within ourselves or on the faces of others, we deal with everyday. Pain, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, understood or misunderstood is one of life’s most intimate experiences and runs the gamut of “Aw shucks, taint nothing” to “I just can’t handle this,” all while stalking us all the way from stubbing our toe to breaking a bone to a lifetime of chronic pain. From the tears of sadness to the anguish of not knowing, to finally knowing and sometimes wishing you didn’t.  Something all of us must realize is pain is different for each person! Even seemingly having the same pain, one person might barely notice it while another is brought to their knees. And yet no matter what, pain is real, no matter who the victim is. Pain is simply just that, real. Because pain is so individual, I’m writing most of this from my own perspective and my own journey, (So you’ll notice the word “I” a lot.) from my experience and based on the things I’ve done to get me to where I am now. Some worked, some didn’t. Some were immediate and some are still unfolding. Let’s get one thing straight, I can’t tell tell you how to lessen your pain, but I can tell you what I’ve done to lessen mine and the lessons I’ve learned in the process. My hope is that might be at the least a starting point for you. Pain is like being trapped in a huge building with all the lights out! You know where you are—kind of. You know it’s where you don’t want to be. You can’t see any way out. And yes, pain is very scary… Pain is something that others might be able to help with, but even after their help, ultimately it was up to me to walk through or walk with the pain. Ultimately it was up to me to check and see where that switch is and then, time after time, summon the courage to see if I can flip it and “turn the lights on” and the pain off or at least down. One truth about pain is that the pain that I imagine, is usually much much worse than the actual pain I’ll endure. Lets say I’m laying in bed dreading getting up because I’m imagining, I mean in my heart I “know” how much it will hurt to move, to sit up, to get up and then stand up, but once I finally do get up, oh it still hurts, but not nearly as much as I’d convinced myself it would. In other words, pain doesn’t exists on just one plain, it exists on all of them! The physical, mental and spiritual plains of life. Pain feeds off itself and morphs from an already scary monster into one that, if we allow it to, is unconquerable! That is unless we call it’s bluff! As if to scare me even […]