Country Over Party. I’m Serious!!! Stop Laughing!!!

You don’t need to become a Republican just because you agree with something a republican says. You aren’t necessarily a Democrat just because you disagree with something a Republican says.



You don’t need to become a Democrat, just because the Democratic candidate said something that you agree with. You are necessarily a Republican if you disagree with something a Democrat says.



You are doing an injustice to the the concept and history of being an American if an all or nothing mentality of Party over Country defines you.



We all deserve an open mind to make informed decisions, but in order to have one, three things are necessary…



1- You must admit you don’t have      

      an open mind.

2- You must want to have one!

3- (This next step is up to you…)





NOW… Is Our Only Path To Happiness

Realize that tomorrow you and all those you touch will be changed by what you do today! It’s hard for us to realize that our future begins right now, but it’s imperative that we do!

Allow yourself to be positive…

Allow yourself to share it…

Allow yourself to make the decision to “grow” through life instead of just to “go” through life. Remember that at the very least, you deserve this.

The scary part of life is that each day, you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before!

The really cool part of life is that each day, you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before too!

Make a list of a few things in your life that make you happy.

It might be 5 things or 50,

but write them down.

Now fold that paper up and

carry it with you. You won’t even need to pull it out. Just feeling it with you when your hand goes into that pocket will bring a smile or give you that extra boost of positivity you were lacking. After that, smile and move forward.



A Couple Brief Thoughts On Success

Don’t lose track of the fact that simply waking up and getting out of bed can be the first of many major victories in the day!



In order to get where you are today, you’ve traveled roads you didn’t think you could. You’ve met challenges that others thought you’d never master, but you did and with every success, your light within has grown brighter! Remember THAT, on your next journey.



You’ve done it before,

you’ll be able to do it again!



Finally, don’t cloud your successes with imagined imperfections! They’re called successes not perfections for a reason!!! Learn what you can from them, move on and be happy!



You’ve made it to where you are by overcoming things that you  had no idea how hard they were. You are a source of light in a world that can be dark sometimes. Be proud to show that light and increase it!