A 4th of July Message From Gregg

A quick wish for a happy, healthy and reflective 4th of July! Somewhere in between burgers, beers and fireworks this year, I’d love it if we could talk to our kids about the things the 4th actually stands for. Tell them about the men, women and children all over the […]

Historical Markers + Comic Books + You? Uhhh, Yep!

I saw a comic book  collector on TV talking about how certain  “Historical Markers” (*Historical Markers* are events that happened in any given time and become an indelible part of a person or event. For our purposes they also encompass people/animals/events that give us an intense and/or powerful memory) made them worth more […]

A Ticket To Remember

Just in the last couple of weeks I “found” a couple of TV shows (Boston Legal and Royal Pains) that I used to love to watch. Over the years I’ve just allowed them to fade from my memory into the fog of life. As I watched them I wondered to myself… “What else have I […]