Election Stress

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there is an election going on in the United States. According to an October 13th survey from the American Psychological Association, more than half of Americans feel significantly stressed because of this election.

Every day we’re barraged with fear and hate mongering, with the two sides constantly pointing fingers at each other, refusing to answer questions about the issues many want to hear more about, and so much more. All of this is leading to anxiety and stress causing some to feel some discomfort and others, to feel a full-fledged anxiety attack. Before you start pointing fingers at the other side on this, this significant stress is being felt by both Republicans and Democrats.


The final answer to the question of “why” is because YOU DESERVE IT! Life isn’t always going to be easy and we are all faced with different challenges, but always remember and more than that, always remind yourself that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND TO BE POSITIVE.

You DESERVE to live the life you want to live and it begins with finding a way to find the positives In your life, hold onto them and the use them to build your successes.