3 Thoughts to Consider

I want to leave you here with three thoughts of mine to consider.     On windy nights, have you ever just listened to the wind? Leaves rustle, wind chimes sing, trees moan as the wind moves through them. And, wise people…listen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raindrops must have an amazing journey as […]

Feel How You Are Feeling

  It’s amazing how much cynicism, hate and anger tires you out!  Likewise, it’s amazing how much happiness, gratitude and love recharges your life.  All it takes is to realize that no matter your situation, there is something good there. Find it, hold on to it and don’t let it […]

Today was Made for You

  My thought for you… TODAY IS FOR YOU!!! If someone were to give you a gift that wasn’t exactly what you wanted, what would you do? Would you whine and complain about it? Would you tell them it’s the wrong color, too hot, too cold, etc. I’m hoping your […]