I’m Fed Up With Labels!!!

I’m fed up with labels!

I’m not talking about the labels on our food, (Although come to think of it, maybe we should have that conversation at some point too!) what I’m talking about are the labels that are attached to feelings, movements and people!

Labels that are easily degenerated into hatred or bigotry like has happened with minorities, immigrants, those different from us or the labels we place on others so we can divide up. Labels like Republicans or Democrats, men, women, etc. Even the less diabolical reasons like simply labeling for laziness or convenience should be included.

And who develops, promotes and attaches these labels?

We Do!  (…ugh…)

I’m not saying we need to get rid of all labels whether physical or implied. But what we must start doing is stop letting those labels tell ushow we feel! We must see the label but then work through the process and acknowledge for ourselves, how we feel! We get so hung up on wanting to label something so we can understand it, that we forget what we really want is to experience the feeling of it!For instance, you see a good friend walking toward you and think “…Boy, Bob looks good today, what a great looking suit!” We stare up at the the constellations we’ve named instead of allowing ourselves to  simply feel just how wonderful those stars make us feel. We hear that someone is a Republican, a Woman or Democrat, Disabled, a Liberal, a Conservative, Gay or a Policeman or Policewoman and immediately either like them or hate them based on that label alone! We didn’t take the time to “feel how we feel,” we thought about how we felt about them, without feeling how we felt about them.

We label everything from the flowers and the trees to the animals to our clothes, people and organizations. You don’t need to label the laughter of a baby, the smell following a rainstorm or the gaze of someone you love in order to “feel how you feel!” Likewise, hearing the scream of someone in pain, the sight of a swastika being marched down your street or seeing the mistreatment of those less fortunate, tells you all you need to know about them because you ”feel how you feel” instead of needing to see a label.

Instead of worrying so much about tossing a label on something or someone, “feel how you feel,” feel how theymake you feel!I understand that in order to do that, you’ll need to retrain your thoughts, retrain your mind to feel instead of think!

Aha!!! There it is! “…retrain your mind to feel instead of think!”

This is what we each must do! Begin that process right now, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. As you walk down the street or out into your yard, don’t name the things you see, “feel how you feel” about them. How do they make you feel? As you drive down the road, instead of naming those cars you see or wondering about the drivers, ask yourself how you feel. Sitting at home, look around at the things you’ve surrounded yourself with and dial in not on what they are, but how they make you feel when you look at each one of them individually and then how you feel when you look at all of them together. Why?

Yep, I’m fed up with labels filling my head every time I look, touch, feel, hear or wonder about life. Instead of describing them, I’m focusing on how I feel about them. I’m focusing on “feeling how I feel,” using it, expanding on it, relishing it and yes, I am moving on from it.

See you there…..



Too Much TRASH In Our Heads!!!

With the latest spate of shootings and all the “noise” surround them, all the negativity wants to find a place to reside. Their 5 Star hotel of choice… OUR MINDS! Feeling down and depressed can seemingly go on and on. Why? Because we carry all of these negative feelings with us 24 hours a day/7 day’s a week/365 day’s a year and it can literally kill us! We must free up some space up there and start to feel life instead of feeling so sad, frustrated or bitter about it!But how?

Everyday we fill the trash cans in our houses and then when they get full and start to smell, we take them outside. Once a week we take all the trash we’ve accumulated out to the curb and it is hauled away.

If we do that in our house, why don’t we do that for all the “trash” we haul around with us everyday?

The trash that has set up shop in our minds. The trash that everyday, attempts to surround our hearts and soul. Think of it this way, we would NEVER allow people like this into our house! Why in the world do we let it rent space in our minds?


The old grudges we might have, hate, distrust, fear, bigotry, closing our minds because “it’s all about us,” guilt or sadness, frustration, fear or anxiety about people or things we can’t control or anything that is wearing us down from the inside out.)

So how can we get rid of this trash? Give this a shot…

Every week before you take the trash out to the curb, sit down and write a list of all of the “trash” you’re carrying around with you that are weighing you down. When you’re done, carefully crumple that piece of paper up and put it in the trash and off to the curb it goes with all your other household trash!

Do this for 2 or 3 weeks and you’ll soon begin to feel the weight lift and the happiness begin to return, almost imperceptibly at first, you’ll notice that you’re weekly trash day is working.



How To Make Your Tomorrow Better One!

The key to making your tomorrow a better one begins today! Know that everything you are doing today is laying the groundwork for your tomorrow!




Find 5 minutes (Oh yes you can! Read on…) somewhere, it might be in the bath or shower, after everyone has gone to bed or once you’ve gotten into bed, visualize your tomorrow. Go through your tomorrow step by step and SEE the events from waking up to getting home. See the different events and meetings, even your drive as you want them to happen. Smile about the outcomes. Believe that you have just had a hand in the positive outcome of your tomorrow. Sleep well…




Seriously! Smile as soon as you wake up. Look around and just be happy that you woke up, have a roof over your head, that you’re next to someone you love, that you not next to someone you don’t love, whatever it is, there are a million reasons. There are lots of physiological reason why this helps but the bottom line is, when we smile, it makes us feel better. Our brain releases chemicals that makes us happy. Try it for a week. See if it helps. (HINT: It Will)




Movement is a link to emotions which is a link to feeling good. Going for a walk or yoga or even stretching in the morning. Think about it, how good does that first big, long, sloooowww, wonderful stretch in the morning feel? Incredible right? Experiment and find the right, positive movements for your day to begin. Allow them to take you from where you were to where you’re going, while making you feel good about the trip.




Look, find 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes where you can just be alone with yourself in the early part of the day. (Again, 2 minutes longer in bed, in the shower, at the breakfast table, etc.) Read the Bible or some poetry or anything positive that will give you some peace. Recite a poem or verse or affirmation in the morning and as the day goes on. Meditate at home or even on the go. From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, meditation can clear the mind and focus it in a positive direction. Set a timer on your phone for 60 seconds and write in a journal all the things you’re thankful for at the moment, just smile for 2 minutes, must smile! (You can even do this in the car! I know, I know. I never said it would be easy but just imagine what the person next you in the traffic jam will think as they look over and just see you smiling!) Imagine how your day will go, but put a positive spin on everything. Where you go, how you get there, how the big meeting turns out. In your version, everything has a positive end!

Look, everything won’t end up positive and there will be challenges and setbacks but you’ll be surprised how many things go the way you’ve visualized. Why? Well, that’s up for discussion I guess. I’d like to believe that our positive energy has played a big part in the outcome. It’s made us act differently and thus, those around us. It’s helped to make events happen. It’s made us open our eyes and see possibilities built where before, there was only a barren land of “what if’s “ and “That will never happen’s.”




Your Tomorrow begins right now…