Let It Go

Many years ago I received some of the best advice I’ve ever received. I remember, as clear as day, hearing my mom and dad saying “Gregg, just let it go.” Man were they wise. 

When it came to exactly what I needed to let go, the actual subject matter didn’t matter since that advice covers a lot of territory! We could be letting go of a grudge we’ve held for a long time, some sad feelings we’ve allowed to stay with us for too long, standing up to fear instead of allowing fear to rule our lives  or any of a million other things that we’re holding onto that aren’t healthy for us. 

I remember when I asked my dad one time how I was supposed to let go, he told me that sometimes it’s not so much letting go but just not holding on.  My dad once asked if I was holding onto the bumper of a moving car that was headed off a cliff, would I let go and maybe get a little scratched up but still alive or hold on and go over the cliff? (Yeah, there’s really only one answer here that makes any sense, isn’t there?)

So how do we remind ourselves and others to let it go? I’ve always found that for me the most effective thing to do is to verbalize it. Say it out loud… Let It Go.  When you hear yourself saying it, it might seem to carry more weight. When you find yourself mad about something or at someone or yourself, tell yourself to let it go and then take a big breath. Repeat as many times as you need to. If you’re telling someone else, be specific about what should be let go and then ask them if they think that makes sense. 

We hold on to way too much stuff that just gets heavier and heavier over time.

The time has come to give yourself a break. Give yourself an opportunity. Both of those things will happen as soon as you can both say and do these three little words. 

Let It Go