Wait…Music has words too?















Music is such an important part of our lives. Even if we can’t “carry a tune” or play an instrument, music truly can “soothe the savage beast.”

During the Holiday Season, you can’t go anywhere without hearing a familiar song in stores, friends’ homes, church, in the car or family gatherings. If you’re like me, I’ll bet you’ve even caught yourself from time to time singing along, even if only in secret.

We’ve heard our favorite songs, both Holiday, popular or even religious, so often that the words almost automatically pop into our minds. We “think along” or sing along with them “naturally.”

The only problem is the words to those great songs we love were put there for a reason. We’ve gotten to the point that we’ve heard these songs so often, that we fly right by the meaning.  We put much more effort into humming along or singing along than we realize what we’re saying.

Remember those days’ past when you’d hear a song that had a message so beautiful that you’d start to cry or find yourself smiling “for no reason at all?” That happened because we actually paid attention.

The same thing happens with the phrases we say every day. I call them “Throw Away Phrases.”

How are you?”

“Love you”

“Have a good day?”

“Love you too”

And many, many more…

We say them without ever looking up or without paying attention. We use them running out the door somewhere or when we’re juggling a few other things.

So, here’s my advice.




Give others the respect they deserve by listening to them.  Give yourself the respect you deserve when responding to them. Just because you’re listening to something for enjoyment or relaxation, doesn’t mean it’s not important.


Maybe the “savage beast” the music soothes is just our inattention…