Dial up your appreciation!

















“Dial up my appreciation?”


Especially this time of the year everyone is telling us we need to appreciate this or we need to appreciate that. Well, truth be told, we probably do need to appreciate more, but our appreciation isn’t something that we can just turn on or off or dial up on command.

“Wait, I thought you started this blog by saying that we needed to “Dial up our Appreciation?” I did, so take a breath and read on…

The appreciation we feel is something that organically comes from inside of us. We can’t control it so much, as we can be aware of the things that surround it. Telling ourselves how nice something is, or mentally preparing ourselves for that Holiday, service or long family visit, will go a long way towards making the outcome a better one. Still, appreciation is a gift that comes from someplace much greater that the likes of us. We don’t control appreciation or even increase it. We feel it! More appropriately, we allow ourselves to feel it.

Appreciation is a two-pronged gift. We not only receive it, but it’s also a gift that we are meant to give! And this is where we need to “Dial up the Appreciation!” If you’re like most of the other 7 billion people on the planet, there are dozens of times during the day where we should give others the gift of appreciation by wishing them well or saying things to them like “Nice job”, “You always take care of me”, “The Place looks great”, “I know you put a lot of work in on this, and I appreciate it” and about 7,496 more that come to mind. As I said, we “should” do this but SO often we don’t. There are many excuses, all the way from “life’s moving too fast” to “I just didn’t notice.” THIS IS WHERE YOU DIAL UP YOUR APPRECIATION! It’s the appreciation you give to others that also has a dual purpose. Not only is it a wonderful gift for them, triggering their gratitude, hope and love, but it reminds you that those same feelings are gifts that envelope you and all those around you.

From a friendly nod or smile towards someone you might not even know, to a hug and heartfelt comment, you have the capability to affect people’s lives. The only way to do that is if you consciously decide to “dial up” your appreciation towards others.

The really cool part about doing all of this is that almost without notice, you’ll begin to feel more gratitude and more appreciation. You’ll begin to feel a bit happier and you’ll begin looking for opportunities to say hello when you normally wouldn’t or hold the door on a busy day when in the past, you’d dart through it on your way to your appointed task.

Be aware of these feelings. Be aware of the effect you’re having on those around you. Be aware of the opportunities to share your appreciation with others. Be aware that your dial is being turned up and you’re not the one doing it! Just like when you’re sharing your appreciation with others, they’ve been doing the same for you, and you didn’t even know it!

It’s just one more thing to appreciate I guess…