Too often we forget that it feels good to feel good!




















Too often we forget that it feels good to feel good! Man, does that sound like a stupid thing to say…or is it?


It seems whenever something goes wrong in our life, we completely throw ourselves into the feelings of anger, sadness, frustrations, etc. We carry these feelings with us long after the problem has passed. We remember them and hold them as we move forward. We tell others about the problem and time after time after time, recount and replay it!


Yet, when the good things happen in life, we smile about them, laugh, enjoy them at the time. Then we move on. There is no long-term throwing ourselves into the feelings of gratitude or thankfulness or joy. How often do you see a neighbor or friend and recount the great service you got the other day or the phone call or text message you received that made you smile? If you’re a “normal” human being, the answer is “not nearly as often as the bad stuff.”


So, next time you find yourself smiling, joyful or happy, remember…


•  It feels good to feel good!
•  Appreciate the feeling when you’re going through it.
•  Remember how good it feels.
•  Don’t be afraid to tell others about it.
•  Use it when you’re feeling low to “find your way back.”




I hope you feel good today and if not, you will soon…