Are we really showing others we care?











Are we really showing others we care?

Are we doing everything we can do to show others that we care?

One of the most wonderful things you can ever do for someone else is care! Do we always show them that we care though or do we sometimes pay more attention to the TV, video game, person we’re texting or calling or even just reading the paper?

Here are some small examples I came up with of different ways we can make sure to show them they matter.

When someone walks into the room, get up, say hello and give them a hug.

Look them in the eye and say thank you, even for the “small” things.

Walk up to them silently and hand them a note like this, “I love you & I just wanted to watch you as you read this.”

If they’re going to be home after dark, make sure you turn the porch light on and tape a note to the door that says, “Glad you made it home safely!”

There are countless more that will make the same impact. Come up with some from your life and feel free to let me know what they are so that I can pass them along for others to use too.