The WishWall…

The WishWall…

All of us have hopes, dreams and wishes. Sometimes, they are huge things and sometimes they are very simple, yet very special.

Everyone has a wish and it’s our responsibility to realize that and hopefully, reach out and help them achieve it. From young to old, we wish. Our wishes are boundless, from wishing for more sleep, more money, health, safety, knowledge and on and on and on.

The dictionary says that a wish is a feeling or strong desire or hope for something that might not be easily attainable. While we probably already knew that, the thing that we often forget is that while we might be wishing for something amazing, there are so many others wishing for things we consider to be ordinary or commonplace. I’m talking about a place to live, to be able to see our next birthday, the money to pay the rent or justice to be done for a crime that’s been committed.

If only there were someplace that a collection of wishes could be put and others could see them, read them, donate their time, energy or money to them or simply wish for them to come true. Well, you’re in luck…there is!


Several months ago, I became familiar with something called The WishWall. It is such a wonderful concept that can help so many. As with so many great concepts, the more people who find out about it, the more people can be “taking advantage” of it.

Full disclosure here… I am friends with the driving force behind The WishWall, Simonetta Lein. She is a model, entrepreneur, force in the fashion industry and above all else, a millennial whose heart and drive to help others is amazing.

Here’s what The WishWall is in a “nutshell.” It is a living mural that resides on a wall in towns across America and the world. People write down their wishes big and small and submit them. The WishWall Foundation allows its global network of “Wish Makers” along with local business leaders and citizens to choose the attainable wishes and make them come true. After that is done, others can read the wishes and see if even more wishes can be granted by donating time, money expertise or even just commenting on them. We all would love to be able to make a difference, a real difference in someone’s life. Well, this is one way that you can! You can help to allow someone’s dream come true, change their life and yours too. Simonetta Lein and The WishWall Foundation help this happen but not without you. You are the positive force behind making dreams come true, but only if you choose to do it.

I’m sure you’ll have many more questions about both The WishWall and Simonetta. My hope is that you access the links below and find out the answers to those questions and how you might help.

Here is a link to donate if you’d like to –

The WishWall Donations

Sadly, there are so many people in need today. The good news is that in one way or another, we can all help someone in ways big and small that we can’t fathom. With all the amazing charities out there, my purpose here is to simply give you access to one more that I believe in with all of my heart.




Here are the links to –

Donate to The WishWall

Simonetta Lein