“Otherwise, it’s just a waste”

“Otherwise, it’s such a waste. “

We remember those who have treated us badly, but seem to forget those who treat us well. 

We remember how high gas prices were, but not how low they are now. 

We remember how much it hurt when we were injured, but forget how good it felt when we were healed. 

We remember when the service we’ve gotten was bad, but are hard pressed to remember those who gave us good service. 

If we have a bad experience statistics tell us that we will tell upwards of 15 people about it, meanwhile only 1 in 10 of us will leave a good review. 

Why? Because too often, too many see the only way to raise themselves up, is to tear others down. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of accounts that bear this out. Maybe your friends are among them. Maybe you are among them. Don’t be. 

Find the Character, Love and Gratitude you were meant to have and help others do the same. 

Otherwise, it’s such a waste.