How You Walk Into Your Own Home Is Already Changing Your Life!

Do you walk into your home with the same calmness and respect as when you walk into a church, temple or place of honor? Do you walk into your home with the same feeling of respect, reverence, honor, love and gratitude as when you enter your local church or temple or any  other place of honor ? If the answer to these questions is no then my question back to you is “Why in the world not?” 

I had a priest who was a friend of mine tell me every time he would walk into the church he would pause just outside to take a deep breath and ask for guidance and gratitude.  I’ve spent a number of years of my life around some of the greatest martial artists on the planet. Invariably, before walking into the dojo or the mat or ring, they would always bow out of respect.  I know a very powerful woman who takes a few long cleansing breaths before a taxing meeting or mission in front of her. Those are  just three examples of how we cleanse ourselves of the burdens and challenges we carry before entering an honored and respected place. Yet, think about how most of us walk into our homes, which is the epicenter of our most loving, passionate and important life positions. We get out of the car after a long stressful ride, walk into our homes,(Along with all,of our problems) drop our bags or briefcases or laptops and proceed to tell the family or think to ourselves how stressful and bad and crappy our day was. No short thoughts, prayers  or blessings of guidance or gratitude.   No thoughts of respect. No cleansing breaths. We don’t even think twice about about bringing all of the days anxiety and stress into the most intimate space we have, our home. So many of our most important and intimate decisions happen in our home. So why don’t we respect our home, remember the gratitude, cleanse ourselves of all the negative fragments holding on before we walk in? Because most of us have never stopped to think of it in these terms. It’s about time we did!

The kind of calm energy that slows us down isn’t allowed “out there” in the world, (even though it 

might only take 30 seconds) we just assume the same kind of “damn the torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD” attitude we live in each day outside our homes, has to happen inside our homes as well. Once we learn to calm ourselves and cleanse ourselves of those fragments of negativity we almost unknowingly carry each day, we can then work though those problems, challenges and difficulties faster and with a clearer mind than we ever thought possible. 

•Attempt to just clear your stress (or at least some of it) before you walk through that door at home. 

•Allow yourself those 3 or 4 cleansing breaths to transform yourself from the problems of then, to the calm, of the person you’ve now become.  Then walk inside. 

Once you feel a change and see it working, expand it to the 30 seconds before you start your car or the 30 seconds you cleanse your spirit before you walk out of your office and into your meeting. The 10 seconds of breathing before your correct your child. The calm instruction you give your pet as opposed to the tension filled frustration of before. Take time to feel the respect, the gratitude, the pride you feel for yourself. 

When you begin to allow yourself to feel the love and gratitude and cleansing feelings in your spirit, that instant is when the spirit of love, honor, respect, gratitude all begin is when you’ll notice the stress and anxiety melt away. 

Learn how simply realizing how you walk through the door of your own home, makes a difference in your life.