Historical Markers + Comic Books + You? Uhhh, Yep!


I saw a comic book  collector on TV talking about how certain  “Historical Markers” (*Historical Markers* are events that happened in any given time and become an indelible part of a person or event. For our purposes they also encompass people/animals/events that give us an intense and/or powerful memory)

made them worth more money. After I was able to get past the whole “historical markers” equating to comic books thing, I  wondered what my markers would be.  

Of course we all have a birth as one of the markers but what other things, excluding family things like marriages, divorces, kids births, etc… would qualify? 

Maybe these kinds of “Historical Markers” are things we’ve never put much time and/or energy into discovering. I hope that by way of this get together, it will be something more of us will delve into. 

So here’s what I’d like from you… Other than those things I mentioned earlier, what are the historical markers in your life? The things that might have happened a while ago but changed you, influenced you and that memory is still  burning within you! Childhood event of some sort? A pet(s) that changed your life somehow? School memory such as an event or teacher? Work? A random happenstance?There’s probably a million more but don’t discount anything on your deep dive into your “Historical Markers.”

When I took a deep dive into this, I came up with some really unexpected answers. I’d love it if the same happened with you. That being said, I would love for you to share some of your “Historical Markers”with me. Use the comment button in the substack feed and let me know! It. Ishtar a 1 or 2 things or more if you like. It’s up to you. I’d love to hear the things in your life that have made an impact on making you who you are today, and who you’ll be tomorrow.