A 4th of July Message From Gregg

A quick wish for a happy, healthy and reflective 4th of July!

Somewhere in between burgers, beers and fireworks this year, I’d love it if we could talk to our kids about the things the 4th actually stands for. Tell them about the men, women and children all over the world who still see the “bombs bursting in air” but unlike us, take cover and hope to just to survive. That there are still people who would die to achieve freedom and independence. I wish we’d tell our kids that plenty of people from this country and others already have and are all over the world right now keeping us free. I wish people would tell their kids that you don’t have to be born here to have the best America has to offer in their hearts, but I wish more people here truly had the same in their hearts. I wish that kids would know that America is a work in progress and without their commitment, it won’t be around too long. I wish we’d tell them that facts and science do matter and we can’t pick and choose which laws we like or want to obey. I wish we’d tell our kids that the 4th of July is not about taking trips or BBQ or for political stunts, it’s about the Country, not the political parties or any individual.

Independence~Freedom~Honor~Respect~Country Over Party

(I’ll also be thinking of many too many friends who gave their lives for my freedom and my family’s. I’ll also be thinking of many who are still around the globe doing their best to just live so that we can do the same. 

Happy 4th of July!

I truly hope there will be more of them…