HOMEWORK: Who do you admire?

(Yes, there’s a catch! There’s always a catch!)

No matter how long ago you got out of school or even if you never went to school, grab a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, your phone or iPad or a computer because it’s Homework Time!

It’s not as bad as it sounds, I thought I’d share a homework assignment to give myself every once in a while in this One Minute Blog.

Ready? OK, here we go…

Take 5 minutes or so and write out a list of people who you believe to be truly outstanding in some way. These people can either be people you actually know or those you’ve seen from a distance or a mix of both. They might be as ordinary as they come or they might be famous. They might be noted for their brains or a great actor or singer, exceptionally caring, etc. Just write down their names and then underneath them, write out what trait it was that you found exceptional about that person.

Once you’re finished with that, focus in on just the traits that you’ve written down.  It’s those traits that provide a great look into what you value the most in and around your life! Ask yourself what traits you might have the most of and what traits you’re looking for in those around you whether that’s at home or work and even those people you might vote for or against.

Next, and this is the really hard part, ask yourself what traits your lacking the most. Ask yourself how you can develop those coveted traits and ask yourself who you can trust to help you.

As I said earlier, this is something I sit down a do every few months or so. I save my old data so I can also look back and see what traits I chose then and now and how they might differ. It’s fairly brief and like all great exercises, it yields some great results. So, enjoy…