In A Split Second

In A Split Second

By now I think we can all attest to the fact that our lives can change in a split second! It might be a decision we make, a death, an award or lack of one or any of a thousand other things. I wanted to spend some time talking about another split second in our lives though, one that we seldom think to recognize or contemplate. 

For a moment, think about that person(s) or that thing(s) in your life you hate. (Feel free to substitute “dislike a lot”, “feel like punching” or any other term that means essentially the same thing.) The reasons or circumstances aren’t important. Now think about how many weeks, months, maybe even years you’ve felt that way. All of those negative feelings that you’ve had percolating inside of you for all of that time, not only affect how you feel but how you act too. 

Now, would you believe me if I said that in one instant, you can get rid of all that hate and all the negative feelings? Spend a minute thinking about how that will that affect your life? 

Just as in one split second the decision was made to hate, in one split second, the decision not to hate can be made. Now, as it always has been, the decision to let those life toxins go is yours.

As you move forward in your life, do your best to realize the split seconds you are lucky enough to have. Plus, realize that both negative and positive exist in every split second in your life. But, you have the power and the obligation to make the right choice. 

I believe in you. Now it’s time for you to believe in you too!



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