5 Questions To Begin Feeling Again

There was a time when we all felt the world around us instead of analyzing or directing or complaining or ignoring it. . At some point we convinced ourselves that that should be put aside. BIG MISTAKE! 

We look at the world around us and the problems in it, and just can’t understand why. Well maybe just maybe, if more people felt instead of ignored or assumed or didn’t think at all, some of those problems we see out there would go away.  But, it’s got to happen within us first. 

So, take a few minutes for yourself. Here are just 5 questions to ask yourself. Ask them,

but make sure that when you answer them,  you “feel” the answers from head to toe. 

Good luck…  

•What does it feel like to be happy? 

•What does it feel like to feel alive?  

•What does it feel like to walk through the soft grass? 

•What does it feel like to hear your favorite sound? 

•What does it feel like to allow yourself to actually feel?