4 Key Things To Get You Through The Holidays (…And Every Day After That Too!)

The next five or six weeks will find us in all kinds of situations involving the upcoming holidays, whether or not we celebrate any or all of them. Sometimes we might find ourselves in a situation that makes us uncomfortable because of who we are, where we are, or what somebody else is doing or saying. As a result, the holidays can be an uneasy time of the year for some. In this One Minute Blog I’ve put together 4 key things that will help us find our way through the next five or six weeks and if we do it correctly, through every day after that.

1•Find 15 or 30 seconds of peace at a time…

     There will be moments when we will just be overwhelmed. It might be all the shopping or cooking still to be done. Maybe it might be something someone says or Dora’s that it rude or insensitive. Maybe it’s a memory from years past that just hits you like a ton of bricks. Whatever the reason, 10-15 or 30 seconds of peace can go a long way to getting you back on track. Grab a smile from the past, a picture, sound or smell that always makes you smile. Focus on it for a few minutes and find yourself smiling through your challenges.

2•Take a deep breath… and another… and another…

     That simple act relaxes the vagus nerve that controls our entire body. A simple breath does. So much more than fill your lungs with air. Allowing yourself to breathe and focus on something positive will also make sure your not focusing on the negative. 

3•Not only have some appreciation for what others have done, said or made, but SHOW some appreciation for it too… 

Go out of your way to feel some appreciation and/or gratitude for what’s happening around you.  Once we’ve accomplished that, share that appreciation. Tell those around you thank you, drop a gift by, hold a hug a bit longer. Even a well placed smiled can make appreciation travel farther and faster than we could ever imagine.

4•Be grateful, even  it trying circumstances… 

If someone made something to eat that you don’t like, be grateful for it. 

If someone says something you don’t like, be grateful that you were able to hear it. (Even though you don’t agree with it.) 

If someone acts in a way that’s inappropriate, be thankful that you aren’t the one acting that way.  We can only control how we act and react. We have no control within someone else’s actions and reactions. 

Over the next few weeks, do your best to remember that how we act and react, we are doing our best at that given time. (And so are they. Even if it’s below the standards we’ve set at that given time.) 

So, find something, ANYTHING to be grateful and thankful for. Focus on that instead of what Weird Uncle Herb just said or the awful Cajun Green Bean and Chocolate Marshmallow Casserole that Crazy Aunt Bernice made. In other words, no matter what find something positive. It’s out there, it’s just up to you to find it. 

There are millions of people in the world have haven’t made it this far in 2021. You have to be mindful of that and then ask yourself if it’s really worth getting angry or annoyed over whatever’s bothering you. In most cases I’ve found it’s not. 

I hope you find Happiness in the many Holidays ahead of you…