How Do We Move Forward? Come On! It’s Pretty Simple…

It seems like the question on everyone’s lips right now is “How do we move forward from here?” It’s pretty simple isn’t it? I mean we move forward now, the very same way we moved forward in order to make it this far. 

No matter whether it’s Covid-19 or election results or racial injustice or your finances or problems around the house, getting to the solutions are the same. 

First, you’re good but you’re still human, while you’ll want to accomplish them all at the same time, (Which is yesterday!) One Step At A Time is the ONLY way to get there! That’s why it’s the first and most important step. As for the rest, here they are…


Look at the situation dispassionately and access what the situation is and how exactly are you involved in it. 


Once you have accessed the situation then it’s up to you to adapt your behavior to I’m prove it. It’s not up to others to change. It’s up to you!


Take your new plans and your new path and overcome the challenges both real and imaged. Most importantly, overcome your previous mindset! That old mindset is what got you in trouble in the first place. Overcome that first and the rest will follow. 


It’s not over! Things like this will happen over and over again. New problems and challenges will stand in your way and these steps got you past your last challenge. Use the knowledge you gained and use these steps again and again! One step at a time!!! Let’s be clear here, to do anything else others that solid action steps is nothing but LIP SERVICE! Lip service to others around you (including those you love) but most importantly, lip service to yourself! Do not let that happen! Moving forward is scary as hell but it’s the only way to look back with satisfaction of a job well done and look forward with anticipation, wonder and hope for a future ahead!