Dear United States Senators…

Dear United States Senators…
Right off the top and with all due respect, I don’t care what you think! I care what you do and right now what you should be doing is being a good, reverent and honest juror in an impeachment trial!

I’ve heard too many of you saying that you don’t “think” it’s constitutional to impeach a President who’s out of office so no matter the evidence, you’ll vote no. Too bad! It’s been determined to be constitutional . The constitutionality question has been put to the United States Senate and it has been determined to be constitutional! You might not like it, but that is the fact! So the trial is proceeding and you are now a juror tasked with hearing the evidence, evaluating the truth and voting on it. In other words…

It’s now time to pull up your big girl or big boy pants and do your job!

If any of the rest of us out here in “Real-World-Land” were on a jury, our opinions on the validity of the proceedings wouldn’t mean squat! All that would matter would be the facts! (Facts, remember those?) The same holds true for you now. For now, we don’t care what you think about anything other than the facts! 

Trying to litigate the past doesn’t matter. Trying to imagine the future doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is where we are now! (You are part of what got us here so buck up and take some responsibility.) 

Listen to the facts. 

Access the facts. 

Weigh the facts. 

Vote on the facts. 

Live with your vote for the rest of your life and more than likely, the lives of your children. 

On behalf of many, many, many Americans… 

Do your job and stop hoping, wishing, praying and finagling ways to be re-elected! If you continue on this path, you will lose more than your seat in the Senate. You will lose the United States of America. 

Do your job. 

Just Do Your Job


Gregg Masters