When Was The Last Time You BURST Into Joy?!?

When was the last time you BURST INTO JOY? I mean, we burst into tears, we find ourselves bursting in a fit of rage or anger but does it go the other way? Is it possible to burst into a fit of joy? Is it possible to burst into a fit of happiness or gratitude?

You bet it is!!!

Here’s the thing, WE DO IT ALL THE TIME!  We get so focused on the negative that we fail to see the positive. That is a choice that we make. That means it’s also a choice that we can change.

I’m not about to burst into a chorus of the Hallelujah Chorus here, but the time has come that we need to rejoice at our bursts of joy and happiness and blessings and gratitude and kindness and hope and peace and on and on and on…

(Note the word “need” in this thought! I could have used “should” or “ought to” but that’s inaccurate! “THE TIME HAS COME THAT WE NEED TO REJOICE AT OUR BURSTS OF JOY AND HAPPINESS AND BLESSINGS AND GRATITUDE AND KINDNESS AND HOPE AND PEACE AND ON AND ON AND ON…”

It’s time you both realize that it’s OK to feel good, even ridiculously good sometimes and it’s OK to rejoice in it too!  Once you start toning this skill, you’ll find that you are much more willing to share those wonderful positive feelings with others. You’ll begin to leave behind joy and happiness and love even when you have no idea you’re doing it. You’ll also begin to feel yourself bursting into all of those positive feelings even during those times when in the past, you never would have thought that possible.

Find yourself smiling unexpectedly. Find yourself wishing that person who in the past would have infuriated you, a good day…and meaning it. Find yourself in the midst of a challenging situation and knowing that no matter what, you’re going to be fine. Find yourself REALIZING when you BURST INTO HAPPINESS AND JOY! Find yourself asking yourself as the night winds down, about the times WHEN you burst into happiness instead of IF it happened. Most importantly, find yourself bursting into joy about being the kind of human being that you were put on this earth to be.