It’s Time To Stop Playing Their Game And Start Making Your Own Rules

Every single day and in every single situation, we find ourselves in, we are expected to “Play The Game.” You know exactly what I mean, right? We dress for the meeting. We say what the person we’re speaking to wants to hear. We buy the car because it “looks good.” We behave in a certain way because, we’ll because that’s how you’re supposed to behave!” DON’T! It’s time to stop playing their game and start making your own rules!

Oh, and before you say it, YES YOU CAN!!! There are many, many things in our lives that we can and should change because it will make us happier, more free and more aware. Why haven’t we done that? Lots of reasons…

What would others say?

I’m not sure how to do that.

Too hard.

Too expensive.

Don’t have the time.

Don’t want to. (Well, I do do but I won’t.)

I’m too old for that.

I’m too young for that.

How would I even get started?

I will but not today. I’ll do that soon.

Do any of those sound familiar?

In recent days we’ve seen a “real-time” example of not playing the game when Prince Harry and Meagan defied the Queen and issued a statement saying they intended to “step away” from the Royal family. It also provides a “real-time” example of how others will try and force your hand! An army of workers, behind the scenes, have now come up with a workable solution. What?!? Here’s a workable solution for you, let them live their lives and do their best to make the world a better place!

How many times do we hear people say, or say ourselves, “How did we get into this mess?” Well one of the big answers is because we’re so caught up in playing their game, that we forget that this isn’t a game we’re playing. It’s not a game when we deal with our kids or our spouse. It’s not a game when we deal with our customers or boss, it’s not a game when we deal with our friends. It’s not a game when companies put profit over the workers and customers. It’s not a game when politicians put Party over Country. It’s not a game when the President puts politics over people. It’s not a game when people follow hate and bigotry. It’s not a game when people turn their backs on what’s right for what is convenient. SO STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME AND START MAKING YOUR OWN RULES!!!

We all must start asking ourselves what right and what just, what’s kind and what’s loving in every decision that we make. We all must start caring about more than us. It’s time for us to stop wishing you could help or make a difference and start actually helping and making a difference.

It’s time for us to stop playing their game and start making our own rules!