What’s Your Number? Don’t Know? Me Either…

What’s your number? You know, your number?

Don’t worry, I don’t know mine either, but we all have one. It’s probably the most important number we’ll ever have in our lives. I’m talking about the number of times our heart will beat from birth to when we say hello to whatever and whomever is next.

Sometimes it might be fast.

Sometimes it might be slow.

Sometimes it might even miss a beat or be irregular.

Sometimes it might even need some help to keep going.

Given all that though, we all have a number.

So, why concern yourself with pettiness, hate, bigotry or holding a grudge or even just not doing the truly important things in life because you’ll get to it tomorrow? When you really think about it, it just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Now is the time to figure out what is important, who is important and how to make sure they find out! Then, get off your butt and deliver the message! Email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, US Postal Mail, phone or IN PERSON,

Here’s the plain truth, there might not be tomorrow for that friend you’ve been meaning to talk with, the family member who deserves another “I love you” or the neighbor down on their luck or battling life as best they can. Here’s another lighting bolt of truth, there might not be another tomorrow for you either!


It’s one that will continue to live on or just die away. The choice is yours.