Aren’t You Tired Of Being Mad?

I only have one question for you…

Aren’t You Tired of Being Mad?

It sure seems that the answer is no.

Almost everywhere you look people of all shapes and sizes are, excuse the verbiage, Pissed Off! About what? Well you can pretty much name it. Life, people, driving, Democrats, Republicans, Independents (Wait, Independents? Yep!), too many people in your life, not enough people in your life, sports teams, dogs, cats, fish and even some people are mad at the things I say! (They obviously are very troubled and need either therapy or to win the lottery!)

Seriously though, to answer the question about why “WE” are so mad, we first need to individually answer the questions about why each of us are so mad!

The time has come when we need to say that’s it’s not OK to constantly be mad and point fingers and rail at other people because they look differently, act differently, talk differently or even move around differently.

Well here’s a NEWSFLASH:


Look, your don’t make something better by ripping it apart! You also don’t make the world a better place by being mad all the time. Importantly, you also don’t make YOUR world any better by railing, hating, bullying, casting aspersions or creating a bigoted land of make believe where only you and those who always agree with you are always right. Tough words? Yep. Too tough? I don’t think so.

We all need to start taking responsibility for our own thoughts, words, actions AND inactions! As great as it would be to make someone else stop being hateful and angry, we can’t. Only they have control of that, just as only we have control over what we think, say, do and don’t do!

So, as that noted modern philosopher Taylor Swift once said…

“And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off”

(Yes, I just quoted a Taylor Swift song in this One Minute Blog! That just happened …and moving on)

Whenever you feel yourself feeling mad here are just a few suggestions to shake, shake, shake it off…

…Ask yourself out loud if what your mad about is worth the time and energy you’re spending on it.

…Breathe! I know, I know. It works! Take 15 seconds and just breathe deep two or three times as you focus on your breath.

…Remember that whoever you’re mad at might be in the midst of the worst day that you could ever imagine. Does that excuse what they’ve done? No.  But it might help to explain it!

…Finally, whenever you start getting that mad feeling begin to rage, stop what you’re doing and immediately do something nice for someone else. It could be one of a million things…

•call someone and tell them you care about them

•tell someone who’s doing a good job that they’re doing a good job.

•tip someone you normally wouldn’t or someone you would, a little more.

•drop pizza or some flowers off for a nurses station for no reason or do the same at a Police Station or Firehouse.

•give an unexpected hug to someone you care for

•pull into a drive through and pay for the car behind you.

The original question here was aren’t you tired of being mad? I think maybe it should actually be, Aren’t You Ready To Start Being The Person You Were Meant To Be? The only way you can do that is to stop being so mad and start being grateful, kind, empathic and loving. None of those last four things I mentioned can happen when we’re mad, hateful, vengeful, bigoted or feeling discriminatory.

Finally, yes, I am tired of being mad! I’m tired of others being mad but much more importantly, I  am so tired of being mad myself. My Dad told me a long time ago that “It feels good to feel good!” Man, it sure does! I hope a bunch of folks will try it!