Random Thoughts From the Mind of Gregg

Random Thoughts From the Mind of Gregg

(Here are just a few of the things that popped into my mind as I sat down to write this. It will be evident that no deep thought or contemplation was sought. No rules. No boundaries. So here we go…)

•Is it wrong that some days I’m pretty sure I understand what the squirrel in the back yard is saying about me??

•We somehow believe we have less time now than we used to. We’re wrong! Now, we just want to believe we can control it! ?

•Watching a 4 year old try and lie their way out of stealing food off their bothers plate reminded me of watching FACEBOOK’s Mark Zuckerberg try to explain why it’s OK to allow political ads full of lies!??

•I love my son Mason and Daughter (ok, in-law) Niki more than I can adequately communicate!??

•Old Time radio shows are a lost jewel!??

•I just watched a lady and her daughter walking towards the restaurant I was in. The entire way, both of them had their sunglasses in her hand. As soon as they walked inside, they put their sunglasses on???

•When putting my socks on, am I the only one who always begins the process with the same foot??

•My dog Billy warms my cold black heart ? daily ??❤️❤️❣️

•How many phone numbers could you remember WITHOUT the aid of your cellphone????

•I wonder how much all the rationalization today from parents, is affecting their kids lives both today and more importantly during their tomorrows. It makes me sad.?

•If those who claim to know the important stuff they spout off about, really knew the important stuff they spout off about, would they actually be spouting it off to us or for that matter, to anyone??

•I keep expecting it to change but it never does. Every year as the temperatures drop, people are more than willing to stand there and shiver only because they want to make sure and look good!??

•I believe it’s been proven that just because you have the money to buy a bright and shiny vehicle, DOES NOT MEAN that you have the ability to drive said bright and shiny vehicle!???

•I think that the same people from siding companies, car warranty companies and of course Facebook, who somehow get my phone number, should immediately be employed by the CIA.?

•If you want to change, But you don’t want to change anything that you might now disagree with, don’t understand or are afraid of, then you don’t want to change!???

•Imagine how much would be accomplished if we put the same passion we had for our favorite sport team? into actions that could actually help others?⚗️??‍??❤️

•Sometimes a fluffy cloud on a perfect blue sky speaks a language that we didn’t even know we spoke!☁️?

•Why is it that city planners often make sure the most dangerous place to cross the street is the crosswalk??

• I think many people are able to think like cats think! I also think that most of them are in prison?

•I think cars were invented solely for the way we would eventually feel when we pull into a parking lot and immediately find an open parking space!???

•That feeling when you’re in the bathroom and your glasses start to slide off or your earbud starts to slip out of your ear is one of the most terrifying feelings a human can have!??

•Follow me on this one…

If Christmas time is also called the Season of Love, then Christmas Music and Christmas Movies enhances that. So…given this logic, are all the people who are railing about it not even Thanksgiving yet and we shouldn’t be playing them yet, actually railing that it’s too early to be in the Season of Love!?! (Shame on You)????????

•The things I’m grateful for now are, in so many cases, different from what I was grateful for a few years ago???

•A few years ago, was I grateful for all of those things and just didn’t know it??

•If gratitude evolves at a different pace than I do, does that mean eventually It’ll come around again on a second pass and I’ll get a another chance at it??

•If you’re a psychiatrist who would like to write a book? about how my mind works, call me☎️??I accept credit cards??

OK…enough thinking for one day!