Everybody Is SO ANGRY!!! (…..Get Over It!)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a whole lot of people are really, really, really angry! I mean they’re angry because you’re a different sex, color, political party, orientation, religion, the way you dress, talk, drive, walk, the college you went to, that thing you just said, that thing you just DIDN’T say, and on and on!

Now here’s the thing, and I hope you’re sitting down for this one. Ready?


“Who woulda thunk it,” huh? We all walk around feeling entitled to incessantly being angry about God knows what or why and doing our best to transfer that anger onto the assembled masses we see! Well I hate to be the one to tell you (OK, actually I don’t hate it…) but you have no right to be entitled! You have no right to spread the gospel of anger! Oh, you may have the right to be angry, frustrated or hurt about something for a short while, but that anger is a feeling, NOT A LIFESTYLE! Whether you are or aren’t angry, that doesn’t not absolve you from being part of the human race. My dad once told me that “Being angry doesn’t mean that you have the right to forget that others are doing their best to have a good day and it’s not your life mission to ruin that!”

Anger is a thing we feel. Anger is not our whole life. Anger is not some mythical figure. Anger is a thing and that means that Kindness, Love, Gratitude and Empathy can get you over anger.

So, quoting my Dad again, Get Over It!

Strive to live your life in a way so that instead of people noting how angry people are, they’ll be talking about how nice the people they met are, and without even noticing, they’ll spread that gospel instead, all because one day, at some point, you decided to get over it!