Too Much TRASH In Our Heads!!!

With the latest spate of shootings and all the “noise” surround them, all the negativity wants to find a place to reside. Their 5 Star hotel of choice… OUR MINDS! Feeling down and depressed can seemingly go on and on. Why? Because we carry all of these negative feelings with us 24 hours a day/7 day’s a week/365 day’s a year and it can literally kill us! We must free up some space up there and start to feel life instead of feeling so sad, frustrated or bitter about it! But how?

Everyday we fill the trash cans in our houses and then when they get full and start to smell, we take them outside. Once a week we take all the trash we’ve accumulated out to the curb and it is hauled away. If we do that in our house, why don’t we do that for all the “trash” we haul around with us everyday?

The trash that has set up shop in our minds. The trash that everyday, attempts to surround our hearts and soul. Think of it this way, we would NEVER allow people like this into our house! Why in the world do we let it rent space in our minds?


The old grudges we might have, hate, distrust, fear, bigotry, closing our minds because “it’s all about us,” guilt or sadness, frustration, fear or anxiety about people or things we can’t control or anything that is wearing us down from the inside out.)

So how can we get rid of this trash? Give this a shot…

Every week before you take the trash out to the curb, sit down and write a list of all of the “trash” you’re carrying around with you that are weighing you down. When you’re done, carefully crumple that piece of paper up and put it in the trash and off to the curb it goes with all your other household trash!

While this alone won’t take care of the entire problem, it is a GREAT beginning. Do this for 2 or 3 weeks and you’ll soon begin to feel the weight lift and the happiness begin to return, almost imperceptibly at first, you’ll notice that you’re weekly trash day is working.