How To Make Your Tomorrow Better One!

The key to making your tomorrow a better one begins today! Know that everything you are doing today is laying the groundwork for your tomorrow!


Find 5 minutes (Oh yes you can! Read on…) somewhere, it might be in the bath or shower, after everyone has gone to bed or once you’ve gotten into bed, visualize your tomorrow. Go through your tomorrow step by step and SEE the events from waking up to getting home. See the different events and meetings, even your drive as you want them to happen. Smile about the outcomes. Believe that you have just had a hand in the positive outcome of your tomorrow. Sleep well…


Seriously! Smile as soon as you wake up. Look around and just be happy that you woke up, have a roof over your head, that you’re next to someone you love, that you not next to someone you don’t love, whatever it is, there are a million reasons. There are lots of physiological reason why this helps but the bottom line is, when we smile, it makes us feel better. Our brain releases chemicals that makes us happy. Try it for a week. See if it helps. (HINT: It Will)


Movement is a link to emotions which is a link to feeling good. Going for a walk or yoga or even stretching in the morning. Think about it, how good does that first big, long, sloooowww, wonderful stretch in the morning feel? Incredible right? Experiment and find the right, positive movements for your day to begin. Allow them to take you from where you were to where you’re going, while making you feel good about the trip.


Look, find 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes where you can just be alone with yourself in the early part of the day. (Again, 2 minutes longer in bed, in the shower, at the breakfast table, etc.) Read the Bible or some poetry or anything positive that will give you some peace. Recite a poem or verse or affirmation in the morning and as the day goes on. Meditate at home or even on the go. From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, meditation can clear the mind and focus it in a positive direction. Set a timer on your phone for 60 seconds and write in a journal all the things you’re thankful for at the moment, just smile for 2 minutes, must smile! (You can even do this in the car! I know, I know. I never said it would be easy but just imagine what the person next you in the traffic jam will think as they look over and just see you smiling!) Imagine how your day will go, but put a positive spin on everything. Where you go, how you get there, how the big meeting turns out. In your version, everything has a positive end!

Look, everything won’t end up positive and there will be challenges and setbacks but you’ll be surprised how many things go the way you’ve visualized. Why? Well, that’s up for discussion I guess. I’d like to believe that our positive energy has played a big part in the outcome. It’s made us act differently and thus, those around us. It’s helped to make events happen. It’s made us open our eyes and see possibilities built where before, there was only a barren land of “what if’s “ and “That will never happen’s.”

Your Tomorrow begins right now…