Monthly Archives: November 2016

Use the technology you have to bring you together with others, not isolate you.

Quietly, we are allowing ourselves to creep away from humanity while excusing it with technology. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love technology! From our phones to televisions to MRI’s and CAT scans to supercomputers and so much more. My thoughts I’m writing now are on an iPad that I’m seldom separated from. It’s happening in more areas than just our technology, but let’s begin here.

We all use the latest technology to better our lives, or at least that’s what we convince ourselves we do. Instead of walking across the street to check on a neighbor, we’ll send an email or even text them. On my last birthday, I received scores of texts, tweets, Facebook messages and emails most wishing me a generic “Happy Birthday.” Know how many cards I received, with actual messages inside? One! Now if you’re saying I should quit complaining because so many others don’t receive any…then you’re missing my point. As a matter of fact, you’re making my point!

Happy Thanksgiving…or is it?

What a great time of the year. The weather cools while the family gathers around. Each Thanksgiving we marvel at the amount of food on the table in front of us and are grateful for the love that is all around us. So, yes… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Or is it? Thanksgiving is supposed to be what I just described but for so many, that isn’t the case. We throw the greeting around without thinking about those we meet and talk to, especially our friends. “HAPPY Thanksgiving! Are you going to have a big get together at your place this year?” The only problem with that is that many won’t be having a Happy Thanksgiving or a get together surrounded by friends and family.

While many of us will be trying to figure out how to fit all the food on the table, many, many others, yes…even some of your friends that you would never imagine, have little or no food. Imagine instead of turkey, looking in a mostly bare refrigerator and deciding between what’s left of the bologna or a can of soup. Sounds like I’m overstating it? I’m not.

Give Your Mind Some Credit…and Rest

If you carried a 25-lb. weight with you everywhere you went, all day long, you’d be drained by the end of the day. Now, imagine doing that for weeks, months and in some cases years! You would be so physically drained that you almost wouldn’t be able to function, and yet that is exactly what we do with our problems.

Our problems constantly drain our mental and spiritual energy each second of the day. Because it’s our mind and spirit though, we somehow convince ourselves that we can “handle it” or that “everybody” has problems. Yet, if we’re physically tired or worn out we’d lay down and sleep or at least rest. Mentally that’s another story…

“I’LL JUST POWER THROUGH IT!” No, “Enough is Enough!” You deserve to work at 100%, but that means listening to your body AND your mind. When you’re feeling recharged and calm, you’re open to life and you can focus. When you are mentally weary, you can’t focus, and you end up making more mistakes.  Then you become more frustrated and mentally tired – casting you into a vicious circle that only deepens.