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So What Now?

So what now? Man, is that the question of the hour! Well nobody really knows. As we woke this morning after the election, probably 45% of the country was happy, excited and energized, 40% of the country was sad, fearful and angry, while sadly, 15% of the country just doesn’t care. (By the way, these numbers are mine. They are what I imagine is the case. (WARNING: Kids, don’t use these in a term paper at school as scientific fact!)

This country now faces the kind of divide that we have never faced before. We have a divided country that has gone through an election jeering at the “other side,” while living in a partisan bubble. That goes for all of us in one way or another. Well, that’s over now. If we want to move forward, the only way to do that is as the “UNITED” States of America.

Elect to Reach Out!

Across this Country, there are people who have severe anxiety conditions, panic attacks, others who have been scared by some of the things the candidates said or haven’t said. These are not just a few people. We all know folks who might fall into this category. And it is up to us to recognize these people.

What can we do to help? REACH OUT! If you know someone like this, please call them – just to say hi. Stop by their house “for no reason at all.” Let these people understand they are not alone! Reach out and let them know they matter.

Cubs Win…Cubs Win…Cubs Win…

                        Some thoughts on the Cubs winning the World Series from a guy who isn’t a Cubs fan. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for the players and personnel, fans and families of Cubs fans who aren’t here anymore. And that, brings […]