Isn’t It Time To Stop All The Hatred?



This week I got a message from the U.S. government on my phone as did all other Americans with smartphones. Leaving aside my feelings about this president having the ability to message the country at his whim, there was one thought that immediately jumped into my head…


If I had the ability to send something to the entire country right now, what message would I send? It took be about thirty seconds before I knew that this is the question I would send out this…


Isn’t it time to stop all the hatred?



We can see it and feel it all around us. Even more concerning is that our kids can feel it all around us too! Hatefulness leads us down the path of hate mongers and bigotry. Now if that sounds pretty tough, it is. Ask yourself if during those times when you might have been filled with hate, it made you feel good? Of course it didn’t and if your hate caused any actions, then you probably felt regret for quite a while afterwards. So why do you let yourself do it?


I have a friend who has helped more people than you could count but over the last few years has become bitter and vengeful. Now, they often don’t think twice about calling names, pointing fingers and replacing once thoughtful and insightful interactions with vitriol, all in the name of politics.


If you’re Black or White, Brown, Asian or a Native American, if you’re gay or straight or trans, if you’re American, Mexican, Chinese or even these days Canadian, people are sometimes more willing to hate you than find out more about you. Social media? Nuff said…


So what do we do? The answer clearly is yes, it’s time to stop hating but realistically how do we do that?


Well I saw a wonderful post on Facebook about just that. Full disclosure here, this post is from my son Mason who is a Millennial. It came after a very stress filled day where not only personal safety was a consideration but the political degradation of the country was front and center.


Here is part of his post…


“We have all the people who keep their hearts open to the plights of the less privileged. We have all the people who still believe in working with others to lift each other up. We have all the people who are willing to risk the comfort of normalcy to stand for basic justices. 

All of you beautiful people in my life. Keep your hearts and your minds open. You’re such a source of light in a time of deep darkness. Keep speaking out. Keep being outraged. Keep showing up. Keep letting the void known as complacency know that you exist and others exist and you all matter. 

We just need to stick together. Give someone a hug today. Let them know you love them. Caring isn’t a weakness. It’s our one last hope.”

                                                         Mason Masters



Every time I read that, I tear up not just because he’s my son but also  because he’s right. If you have to call somebody a name or show your hate in a million other ways then you’re not even close to living the kind of life human beings were made to live. 


Don’t allow yourself to rationalize, minimize, become elitist or numb to the facts that life puts in front of you. Always know what my great friend Swede said so many times…


If you want the world to be a kinder, more loving and better place, then you must become a kinder, more loving and better person.