With all due respect, we talk too much! Depending on the situation we either need to shut up and listen

or shut up and understand the situation

or shut and and say only what we really mean

or shut up and look for the facts instead of the fallacies

or shut up and have some respect

or shut up and act instead of speak

or shut up and consider the consequences of what you’re about to say

or shut up and stop whining and/or complaining

or shut up and find a better way

or shut up and attempt to understand the meaning of empathy, gratitude and selflessness

or shut up and ask yourself if all of those grudges and anger you’ve been carrying 24/7 are worth it or as I said earlier, shut up and listen. Listen to others around you, to the world around you and to the messages within you that have been trying to get your attention for years. 

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that there is a recurring theme here. If you missed it then I’ll add another one to the list… 

We need to shut up and pay attention!