What Impeachment DOESN’T Mean!!!

We keep hearing all of the horror stories about what Impeachment might mean for the United States of America. I wanted to take a slightly longer than One minute look at just a few of the things Impeachment Doesn’t Mean.

•Impeachment doesn’t mean that it is one party or another’s way attempt at a coup or wiping out or overthrowing millions of Americans votes. After all, Impeachment was  put into the Constitution so that even if all Americans voted for a President and that President ended up committing Bribery or High Crimes and Misdemeanors, then that President should and could be removed from office.

•It doesn’t mean those running the Impeachment hearings aren’t patriots. It also doesn’t mean some in the nations Capitol aren’t acting patriotically either.

•It doesn’t mean that the rules of logic are somehow suspended. A FACT is still a FACT and an ALTERNATIVE FACT is still a lie!

•It doesn’t mean that just because you support the President, he might be guilty. It also doesn’t mean that if you don’t support the President, he’s automatically guilty.

•It doesn’t mean (sadly) that some House and Senate members won’t, instead of doing their jobs, vote one way or the other due to solely political reasons. (Instead of following their oath of office)

•It doesn’t mean that because we’re told by one party or another or one Network or another or even something one neighbor or another might say, that just because something is a small point or wrong, means it is!

•It doesn’t mean you can rest on your butt and not care. You can’t! You shouldn’t! You’re better than that!

•It doesn’t mean that all the deflections or distractions or rationalizations or spin will somehow magically change the central “did he or didn’t he” question on EACH article of Impeachment.

•It doesn’t mean that your friends can’t still be your friends.

•It doesn’t mean it’s anywhere close to a good idea to bring it up at Thanksgiving!!!

•It doesn’t mean that it has ANYTHING to do with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton unless they are mentioned in the Articles of Impeachment.

•It doesn’t mean that all Democrats, Republicans or Independents are 100% good or bad.  If you’re a “You’re either with me or against me on this” kind of person. You have bigger problems than impeachment.

•It doesn’t mean that just because Lindsey Graham says he won’t pay attention to the evidence, you shouldn’t! You should! Be a better person than he is, a better American than he is.

•It doesn’t mean this will automatically sway the election one way or another. I just checked and apparently, if you go and vote, THAT will determine the election. Go vote. Get your friends to go vote. Get your acquaintances to go vote.

•It doesn’t mean that anybody did anything wrong. It does mean that that’s what Impeachment is all about! Find the FACTS. Find the people associated with the FACTS and then find out the FACTS behind who did/didn’t do what and when and was that wrong!

(I’m going to repeat this one again because it is SO important…). It doesn’t mean that the rules of logic are somehow suspended. A FACT is still a FACT and an ALTERNATIVE FACT is still a lie!

I almost lived through Impeachment in the 70’s and it was better for the Country that we didn’t. (The Watergate hearings were the lead up that convinced President Nixon to resign.) Then, in the late 90’s, Bill Clinton was Impeached and the Country was able to bounce back and recover. Now, we’re going through it again and no one seems to be willing to look at the FACTS, only the “politifacts.” This my friends, as resilient as this Country is, might be one that we can’t recover from. I hope we begin to start realizing that unless we get off our “High and Mighty” closed minded throne and begin to see and listen and feel the rest of the world around us and once again realize that Reality is based on FACT. Alternative Facts should be found only in the library under FICTION!