Doing Your Best is NOT a COP-OUT!!!

Everyday I physically write this out…

“Today, I will do my best, to do my best!”

…and then I sign it. Sometimes I keep it in sight, sometimes I fold it up and toss it. Every single day though, I write that phrase out.


*Because it makes sense!

*Because it focuses me on remember what I can do
as opposed to what I want to do!

Because it helps me!

Simply be you! Being as much of you as you can be, is all you can ever ask of yourself and all you’ll ever need to ask of yourself!

Just do your best! That’s all we’d expect of our kids or our neighbors and friends but we somehow hold ourselves to another standard. Another word for that elevated standard is “UNREALISTIC.” Anyone, including yourself that expects you to do more than possible, isn’t basing their expectations on reality.



When you accomplish this, you’ve made a wonderful change in the direction of a more positive life.