You Deserve What You Get, And This Is What You Deserve!

You Deserve What You Get

And This Is What You Deserve!

You deserve every inch of space you take up!

You deserve every breath you draw in and every breath you breathe out!

You deserve to speak out!

You deserve to be who you are, not who others want you to be!

You deserve to be able to make mistakes

and you deserve to be able to overcome them!

You deserve to be here now and to dream about tomorrow!

You deserve your unique and special place in this Universe.

You deserve to shine and cast your own shadow!

You deserve to allow Peace and Kindness and Love and Passion and Gratitude and Wonder

to become part of who you are!

You deserve to be “treated right!

You deserve to be perfectly imperfect!


You deserve all these things, and more,

So do all of the other souls on this Earth!

Remembering this, is one way life, and this world, gets better.