Leave That Torch There For A Minute

In the last Democratic Presidential Debate, Representative Eric Michael Swalwell Jr. attacked the older members of the party who were also running for President by saying it was “Time to pass the torch.”

Is it?

Full disclosure here…..I’m probably older than many reading this. I also don’t identify as a Democrat or Republican. I identify as an American! The choices I make are based on that, not a political party. Good judgement isn’t an exclusive right subject to age, conservatism, liberalism, being progressive or moderate. The judgement it takes to lead is much more than that.

We have had plenty of lousy leaders who were older we’ve also had some truly amazing older leaders. Having said that, the same applies to leaders who were younger. (If you need an example, take a look at those incredibly courageous Parkland Shooting High kids  who changed the currents of Congress and America, and reminded us what leadership was.

No Congressman Swalwell, a torch should never be passed due to age. A torch should be passed because among other things, your ideas are better, your vision is more crisp, your character is strong and your wisdom is ever increasing.

For me, it’s too early to see who get the torch. Let’s listen and see if we can find a leader who’s wisdom will win out.

A torch should be passed to shed light for all around you. (Yes, Congressman, even the ones older than you are.) That torch isn’t given because it’s wanted or because “it’s time.” If that’s not the case, then a guy might says something silly…..like I heard in the debate.