FOCUS! (But make sure you’re focusing on the right stuff!!!)


If one goal you have doesn’t pan out or will end up taking much longer than you thought it would, find all the new goals along the way!



We talk ourselves into believing that one huge goal at the end of the rainbow is all there is! When we do that, we’re wrong. That one goal isn’t all there is. As a matter of fact, that one goal might only be there as a map that allow us to find other challenges, goals, successes and yes, failures too.



Allow yourself to look around as you’re walking your path. When you do, you’ll see it widen and narrow, become darker and brighter, branch off in different directions and allow you to come in contact with more different people, different places and different things than we could ever dream of.



It’s only through learning that we can accomplish our goals, and we can only learn from people, places and things that are different than we are! We can only learn from information we don’t already know! That sounds so simple and yet we strive to surround ourselves only with things that are like we are. 

(ie…political views, TV Networks or even our favorite table to sit at and the list goes on and on.)



As you walk the path that life has laid before you, take the time to stop and look around, walk down a path you never new existed, APPRECIATE life…both the good and the bad and understand that of all of the things in life you can control, THIS ISN’T ONE!!!



So, focus on your goals but remember to focus on all of them. That includes all of the new goals that you’ll come up with too. After all, life is created with millions and millions and millions of goals we’ve created and made our own along the way. Appreciate, Cherish and find the Wonder in them. That is what living our life is really all about.