There Comes a Time…

In your life, “There Comes a Time” when things change from simply hoping to do something or wanting to do something, to realizing that that you need to do it. You MUST do it.
I started thinking about some of these things after the tragedy that happened in Charlottesville when white supremacists clashed with those protesting against them with many hurt along with three people dying.
Here are some of those “There Comes a Time” moments that came to me and I hope others will have.

“There Comes a Time”

…When we realize that Peace, Kindness and doing the right thing are tools we should use with every decision we make.

…When we realize that the grudges, anger and sometimes hate that we carry with us, is only hurting us and we need to let it go and reach out again.

…When love can carry us though so many things that we never thought we could make it through.

…When so many times, “how” things have happened isn’t nearly as important as that they did happen.

…When we don’t need to understand everything and it is OK to utter the phrase “I don’t know.”

…When we believe “down to our soul, that bullying of any kind is UNACCEPTABLE.

…That the things our soul whispers to us, are much more important than the things others are shouting at us.

…That giving or receiving just one small gift, smile, hug, compliment, etc… can make the kind of difference in someone’s life that is life changing.

…That hopefully, pessimism, hate and jealousy will eventually lead us to optimism, love and a sincere “wanting” to help.

…When we learn that we don’t need to be perfect. Instead, all we can do is to do our best.

…When it dawns on us just how good it feels to feel good.

…That we can never understand another person 100%. Our job is to better understand ourselves and our perception of them.

…That it is just as important to allow ourselves to cry as it is to laugh.

That words matter.

…That the most important time in our lives will always be right now, because that’s the point that everything happens.

…When we both understand and begin to act on the difference between understanding the definition of empathy and actually allowing it to become part of our character.

…When what we have, just doesn’t matter anymore.

…When we decide we must reach out and help someone, even if it might inconvenience us a bit.

…When you’re happier that you catch yourself smiling for “no reason at all,” than figuring out why.

…When those that espouse hate and bigotry not only bother you, but drive you to stand up for what’s right.

…When opening your mouth isn’t nearly as important as opening your mind and listening.

…When you realize it’s OK to stop and appreciate.

…When, as you live your life, you capitalize the word GRATITUDE.

…When you not only appreciate those around you, but you take the VERY important step to tell them you appreciate them.

…When you realize that a closed mind is not acceptable or healthy.

…When the words “I Love You” mean so much more than they did the day before.


There Comes a Time when we must change for the better, not because we want to or others tell us to, There Comes a Time when we MUST CHANGE FOR THE BETTER because our soul whispers to us that it is time…and we listen to it.

I hope that some of these things make sense for you. I’m sure you have many, many more. I know I do.