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In this age of so many options and places that you can go, I first want to thank you for coming here! I am both grateful and thankful that you’ve chosen to give me some of your time and hopefully, some of your thoughts and ideas. I promise you that I will do my best, to do my best to give you my thoughts, ideas, and observations.


On this site, there will be my blog that will be concerned with just about anything I see that I think might be of interest to you. That ranges from remembrances to current events and thoughts and ideas I have. I will do my best to keep them short and to the point.You will also be able to find my daily thoughts. These are short thoughts that might help you meditate or think about as the day goes forward, the same kind of thoughts you can find in my books. A podcast is planned for the near future where we’ll be talking about almost anything and everything on our mind and whatever you tell us you’d like to hear.


Inspiration is a considerable and powerful force and can be found almost anywhere. It’s my hope that you might be able to find it here. I know by coming here, you’ve given me both your time and your faith. I will do my best to honor that and to give you mine.