I need your help with this…

I have a plan, but in order for it to work, I need your help!

Now, I’m being honest and straightforward with you from the very start here. When I say help, I mean actual help, not the kind of help where people say “Great idea! Let’s do it!” and then move on with their life while leaving it behind and never actually do a thing. So, if you’re really willing to help, read on.

Here’s my plan…


From an amazing set of knives to the latest and greatest workout device to a frying pan that never scratches and makes our food perfectly every time. This is the time of year for advertisers to “sink their hooks into us!” They constantly bombard us with offers and hit us in every weak spot they can. Plus, they have an army of marketing professionals, using every gimmick known to man, to convince us to buy their piffle.

If we just allow ourselves to step back and take a breath (Yes you have time for this), we’ll figure out we don’t need another set of knives in the house or the realization that no frying pan makes perfect food every time. But we so desperately want things to be better in our lives, we want “us” to be better!