Don’t Be An Idiot! (But when you are…..)

It’s not every day when I feel the need to share a story about a bathroom! Lucky you, today…is that day! Before you run away on this one…trust me, it’s not what you think it is.

Today after washing my hands in a local fast food restaurant, I was standing alongside another man at the blow dryers as we were drying off our hands. When the man next to me finished he walked towards the door, stopped right in front of it and bent over to tie his shoelaces on his sneakers. As he was in mid-tie, someone opened the door and it hit him right in the head sending him right to his butt! Instead of realizing it was an accident…READ MORE

The World Must Change! (By The Way, It’s Your Responsibility!)

There comes a time when you just feel yourself being “wide open” to life. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean being wide open to allowing yourself to allow being yourself! To allow yourself to begin to do the things that you were put here to do.

It’s scary as Hell! It lets you know you’re in a place where you’ve never been and you’re on your way to a place where you’ve never been. Embrace it! Allow yourself to flourish.

We get scared because we somehow think things around us will be different. READ MORE

It’s Time To Stop Playing Their Game And Start Making Your Own Rules

Every single day and in every single situation, we find ourselves in, we are expected to “Play The Game.” You know exactly what I mean, right? We dress for the meeting. We say what the person were speaking to wants to hear. We buy the car that “looks good too.” We behave in a certain way because, we’ll because that’s how you’re supposed to behave!” Don’t! It’s time to stop playing their game and start making your own rules!


Oh, and before you say it, YES YOU CAN!!! There are many, many things in our lives that we can and should change because it will make us happier, freer and more aware. Why haven’t we done that? Lots of reasons…READ MORE