Use The Silence You’ve Just Created And Ask Yourself This Question…

“Is this my best self?” If we can somehow find a way to ask ourselves this question throughout our days, then the outcome will be that our “Best self” will have ended up living our “Best Life!”

Before making that  “snarky” comment or sending that email. Before using this word or that word or before sending that tweet, take a breath and in that time, use that silence you’ve just created by asking this question…

“Is this my best self?”



Why We’re Even Letting Sports LIE To Us About COVID-19! WAKE UP!

Even Sports is lying to us about COVID-19! WAKE UP!

Wonder why we can’t seem to get a handle on the Coronavirus? Maybe it’s because so many in America don’t want to hear the truth or for that matter, tell the truth about what’s actually happening! Those that do put their “big boy and big girl pant” on are immediately shouted down and/or  discredited. Now, we can’t even watch a ballgame without this alternate reality!

FoxSports just refused to tell us the truth! On the Major League Baseball broadcasts, Fox is now not only filling the audio with the sounds of fans who aren’t there, they’re also filling the stands with imaginary fans! Why? Because they’ll do anything they can to make us forget about Covid-19!

The Trump Administration and it’s supporters for 3 1/2 years have been denying scientists and scientific facts replacing them both in leadership positions and basic staff with political appointees. States, localities and organizations aren’t releasing information and/or numbers in order to play the public relations game. Most of our commercials on tv don’t show social distancing and people in lots of masks. In between our favorite shows we now see what used to be instead of what is! They make sure we see lots of crowds and hugging and not a mask in site!

Families vs families vs community members arguing when it comes to local sports. Whether it’s summer league play, high school sports, College and pros. Very little of it is fact based. As a matter of fact it comes down to these two words, WANTS and NEEDS!

Politicians, businesses, coaches, parents, athletes, high risk people, etc… (let’s just say everybody) will frame their side as a NEED and your side as a WANT! The problem is, unless both sides are willing to find and focus on THE FACTS there’s no way to agree on what is a FACT and a NEED.

Grow up people! Here are just some of the facts…

•There is a Global Coronavirus Pandemic

•The United States of America is the worst spot on the planet when it comes to COVID-19

•How we used to live is NOT how we must live now

•The only way to save our economy is if we first conquer this virus

  • Based on reviews of scientific data the FDA has determined that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine DO NOT WORK. I know you WANT them to work but you NEED to realize that THEY DON’T

•What NORMAL was then, isn’t what NORMAL is now

•We’re not being ask to cut of an appendage, we’re simply being told to WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE and WASH YOUR HANDS

•In this case, what you WANT is something you hope for. What you NEED is something that must happen in order to exist

•We better suck it up and get a handle on telling ourselves the truth no matter how much or who or what is lying to us

None of this has been easy. The truth is that the future will probably be harder. The people lying to us aren’t the ones we should be listening to. It’s time to figure out that once again, we’re going to have to find and hear the tough truths. Find a way to exist with them until we don’t and then be happy as Hell that we’ve moved on.

Is everyone going to be big enough to do this? Nope, just the people who are responsible enough to understand and care about more people than just themselves. Just the people who, as it turns out, are the kinds of people we all wanted to be once upon a time.



An Open Letter To All Of The “Covidiots”

An open letter to all of the “Covidiots.”

Hello. My name is Gregg Masters.

I am a 60 year old man who struggles each day with chronic health conditions. I love my country and depending on the cause or situation I can swing from conservative to liberal in my views and opinions.


I, like you, also find myself struggling with the economy. The rising prices for services that prior to January I didn’t need, will the money keep coming in, etc.  I, like you, also find myself struggling through the Coronavirus Pandemic that has enveloped the world and this country, no matter what mixed messages we might be hearing from our leaders. There are millions of Americans like me who are and have been sequestered in the homes for months simply  because we want to stay alive. The question I have for thousands of others is… So why don’t you care if we live or die?


Science tells us that social distancing and wearing a mask can significantly bring down the risk of spreading or acquiring Covid-19! So why not do that? You might not only save my life but you might be saving your life!


I’ve heard some of you say it’s because wearing a mask is an infringement of your rights. Keep in mind that the Declaration of Independence is all about the common good! The COMMON good! THE COMMON GOOD! Social Distance!Wear a Damn Mask!


I’ve heard some say it’s because they’re too uncomfortable. Stop by a local ER and ask any of the Covid-19 patients if they’re comfortable.


I’ve heard some say if the President doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal, they don’t think it’s that big of a deal. As of this writing 2,888,915 people in the United States are confirmed to have the Coronavirus. 129,948 souls have died. That seems like a big deal to me.


The time has come to stop professing that you “want” to do something and “hope” things will get better, and start actually doing something to make a difference! Simply social distancing and wearing a simple face covering of some sort will save lives! (Maybe yours!)


Stop just thinking only about yourselves and think about all the people who can’t go outside because of all the covidiots who refuse to social distance or wear a mask or for that matter, even believe that the coronavirus is as bad as it is? I’m not just talking about the elderly people but also people with chronic diseases who are of all ages, I’m talking about the kids, the young and middle-age people who can still get sick and still die! The elderly people who are on chemotherapy or similar kinds of treatments? What about the people who just wear a mask to help other people? What about the people who are wearing a mask because they know that they have to do as much as they can to keep themselves healthy in order to see their parents or their grandparents? What about their rights? What about their fears? What about your responsibility to them?


Stop being so selfish! Get a grip and realize that you will forever be judged by how you decide between helping others or turning your back on them. Deciding between money and the deaths of others. Deciding for Country over party or political leadership.


Do the right thing! You’ve made it this far in life. You’ve embraced science your whole life. Don’t turn your back on it now just because you might find it difficult or inconvenient to comply with the facts. Do the right thing.


With Sincerity and Hope,

     Gregg Masters