Do you have time to CONSIDER it? (HINT: YES!!!)

We must, yes must view the world with an open mind and open heart. If we don’t, we’ll wall off not only ourselves off, but future of our children and grandchildren too.   Everyday, we must consider things we’ve never considered before and even more importantly, consider things we have […]

Happy Thanksgiving…(or is it?)

(I’m reposting this with the hope we’ll realize that there are many who won’t be “celebrating” the way we imagine. Read on….) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What a great time of the year. The weather cools while the family gathers around. Each Thanksgiving we marvel at the amount of food on the […]

Do I Want To Feel Good or Lousy?

Do You Want To Use The Time You Have Left Here on Feeling Lousy or on Feeling Good? We all have those people in our lives who seem to always seek out the negatives even in a sea of positives. You know, the people who immediately after winning the lottery […]