Now More Than Ever, Communication Matters

Communication is always important but in these very turbulent, scary and ever-changing times, communication is absolutely essential! We see the results of poor communication or in some cases no communication at all playing out in press conferences we’re watching, workplace telemeetings, emails and texts and even in our daily lives at home.

So, here are some basic and simple things we can do to improve our communication and lessen our misunderstandings.

Listening always has been the most important part of speaking and it still is! When we’re frustrated, angry or stressed we tend to want to speak first and listen later. Reverse that!

Search for the facts, not the things we wished would be facts or the things others seem to think are the facts, The Facts! Once you’ve found them, not only use them but share them.

I can’t count the number of times that my Mom and Dad told me this. The older I get, the more I realize how wise they were. Simply taking a breath or pausing for a couple of seconds can make all the difference between communicating and venting.

Yelling, screaming, being sarcastic or cynical doesn’t get much done. You might think they’re making you feel better but what you’re actually doing is creating even more miscommunication that you’ll need to clean up later.


My Thoughts In These Very Trying Times


These trying times that we’re in right now are telling us so many things about others and about ourselves. We now know who the people in our lives, because of fear and greed are the people hoarding all of the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, household cleaners, etc… and who the people in our lives are the ones who buy what they need and maybe a touch more just in case but not any more. We also know who the people in our lives are the ones who are willing to “go the extra mile” and buy a little extra for that neighbor who can’t get out due to age, disability or susceptibility to the virus. We also know who the people in our lives are that refuse to take any precautions or even acknowledge that the Coronavirus exists. (These people are by my estimation, the worst among us right now.)By ignoring the problem, they are not only putting themselves and their families and friends and risk, but also each person those people might come in contact with. This is not some movie or video game where he so captures all of the goodies wins! This is the time when we much choose which of these we not only want to be, but which of these we are!

This is a time of great fear, frustration and uncertainty. It’s also a time to remember that unlike any other time we’ve faced, now is when we must know that it is more about “WE” that matters than about “I”. The only way we make it out of this thing is if “WE” help and look out for each other.

It’s OK to be scared and it’s OK to be frustrated. It’s also OK to be extra kind, extra loving and extra giving. Take the time to make a call to the elderly, disable, those living alone or those who are ill. Take the time and effort to send them a delivery or groceries or flowers or gift cards or money so they can move on, even as they might be separated from the rest of us out of an abundance of caution.

There are so many right now who believe that they are forgotten. Take the time to remind them that they are not forgotten. There are so many who are scared. Take the time to let them know they are not alone and if we’re smart, we’re all a little afraid. There are so many wishing and longing to be part of the “WE” but don’t know how or don’t know if they can do it. Take the time to reach out and tell them “WE” are all in this together. It’s going to be tougher for some than others, but “ WE” are all in this together.

Peace and stay healthy and happy and do your best to help others to do the same.



Does the Coronavirus Outbreak Scare You?

Every day the news surrounding the Coronavirus gets more dark and scary. Every day we hear and see the numbers of those infected grow and death count grow with it. On top of that, throw in the financial crashes and worries both nationally and locally about whether businesses will be able to stay open and we’ll be able to continue getting paid or not.

 All of this is scary stuff. So when you ask yourself why you’re scared, know that the answer is because right now, it’s OK to be scared. Frankly, I’m much more concerned about those who aren’t afraid. Being afraid is human and is OK. Allowing that fear to take over your life, isn’t.

 The main thing is to KNOW THE FACTS! Right now so many are throwing out alternative facts… READ MORE